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This section is for Non GSAP companies only.  UA & HA should follow the GSAP Program

The Safety Team has developed a safety reporting system that encourages agents to report unsafe equipment, conditions, or conduct encountered during their work day. The Safety Team is committed to investigating and evaluating each report and using the findings to create a plan to correct and prevent the issue. 


The company does not currently support this type of system despite the fact that it has proven to be a valuable tool for other airlines including United and Hawaiian. PHL safety is committed to using this system to prevent injuries and to promoting it to the company. Implementation of the safety system by the company can only lead to increased injury and accident prevention.

Please complete the attached form to the right and provide detailed information regarding the safety issue that you witnessed so that the matter can be investigated, tracked, and evaluated. Include names, equipment numbers, locations, and any other relevant information. The information supplied will be used for investigation purposes; reporting agents' identities will be kept confidential. Any agent who submits a report will receive an email acknowledging receipt of the incident report along with a follow-up email reporting the results of the of the investigation and a plan of action.  

Remember to report!

Safety Hazard Report Form

Please take time to fill out form when reporting your Equipment, Injury or Hazard.  Not all fields are required. 

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