**Please follow your airlines specific procedure when reporting**

Out of Service Guideline Example

When an INOP piece of equipment is discovered at your station certain procedures should be followed to ensure the equipment is fixed properly and in a timely manner.  Please follow your airlines/stations specific equipment tag out procedure.  


After you follow your specific equipment tag out policy, you can then send the information to The Union to insure the equipment is implemented into The Union Safety System, tracked and trended.



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From the file upload section at the left, click the "Add a File" button.  (choose file you want to upload)  You can add more than one file.

Include reported hazard, station or city.

Click "Continue".  Your information will be then implemented into the data base for tracking.

Equipment Report Form

Please take time to fill out form when reporting your Equipment, Injury or Hazard.  Not all fields are required. 

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