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**Below is just an example, please follow your companies procedure when reporting**

Those little aches and pains that do not seem to be serious at the time they occur turn out to be major injuries down the road.  This is why its so important to report them promptly and accurately at the time they happen. Although you might not need immediate medical attention it is a good idea to fill out what we call a PRECAUTIONARY FORM with management and report your injury to THE SAFETY TEAM.


With a Union Shop Steward or Safety Representative present, locate management and report your injury to them asking that a precautionary form be filled out. Depending on time constraints and the seriousness of the injury you may be asked to come back at a later time.  This is one way management tries to discourage you from reporting your injury.  Inform the manager you would rather fill out report at the present time.

Give management details of the injury (be specific). Make sure you and your steward look over the information given to be sure it is accurate and correct. Obtain a copy of the injury form for your own records so it is not lost or misplaced by management. In case the injury gets worse over time you will have your own records of your injury.  

Finally, make sure your injury to your safety representative so your injury can be analyzed and categorized for tracking. This will help make sure no other union brother or sister will be injured the same way or with the same piece of equipment.  

**All information is for tracking purposes only and will remain strictly confidential**

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