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Safely Connecting Our Members Station To Station was created for union members to report accidents, injuries and unsafe acts.  It is important to report all hazards to management and your Safety Team. The safety hazards that you report are investigated then tracked through The Union Safety System. They are then analyzed and categorized through the system so your safety representatives can inform our fellow brothers and sisters of the common hazards that are causing these injuries, equipment damages and hazardous conditions. Ultimately stopping the hazards from repeating.

Station Issues

Above are 31 stations in our system and their current injury statistics.  Unionsafe's ultimate goal is to mitigate and/or help eliminate these injuries through tracking and trending. 


When hazards arise, safety representatives can come to for latest information to prevent the hazard from repeating in their  station.  Each city will have a brief synopsis of the safety issue and what is being done to correct it.

Please fill out the form to the right so unionsafe can list your station on this page for the latest safety information.

Thank you

Thank you for your submission! A safety representative will contact you soon.

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