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Welcome to your new Hawaiian Airlines Safety Page! We hope you will enjoy accessing it very much!  By using this page you will have access to:

  • Filing a GSIP Report

  • Report an injury to your union representative

  • File an equipment hazard 

You also will be able too chat live with your safety representative, view safety information from all over the country as well as receive safety briefs straight to your email account.  If you have any questions, please contact your safety representative Kuulei McQuire. 


How to Report:   GSIP


Report hazards, incidents, near-misses, and unsafe conditions via WBAT (Web Based Analytical Tool) at or go to HAPeople and click “Safety & Security Reporting”.


•User Name: 6-digit employee number (add 0s in front)

•Password: Default is the last 4 digits of Social Security number


üProvide detailed descriptions about the event and cause.

üSubmit report within 24 hrs. of end of duty/shift or becoming aware.

üContact Information: Include your current email address.


All employees play a key role in identifying hazards and mitigating risks as part of everyday activities

Employees are required to report all incidents or procedures that threaten the level of safety or security. Timely reporting of such information through the established non-punitive safety reporting programs such as the Ground Safety Improvement Program – GSIP – is essential and encouraged.


Ground Safety 808.835.3188


Non-punitive safety reporting program for HA IAM 141 & 142 ground personnel.


Reduces disciplinary action for unintentional, non-reckless human error events self-disclosed via timely GSIP reporting.


Increases employee reporting of human error, incidents & concerns, especially those that would be otherwise unknown to HA.


Enhances HA processes, procedures, training, & safety initiatives through employee involvement.

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