E.O.B.S ?!?!

What are they?  What are they for? How many do I have?  These are the questions everyone seems to be asking. EOBS (Employee Safety Observations) are given out electronically by management and they are required to give out 4 a day.


The manager's procedure is to approach the agent at the time a safety violation is witnessed and have an educational conversation.  But what was supposed to be an informational tool has turned into a disciplinary action and most agents really do not know how many they have.  

If you are interested in finding out how many EOBS you have, please fill out the form to the right.  IAM Safety will contact you as soon as we get your results.  

Ramp Congestion

With aircraft, fuel trucks, tugs, belt loaders and vendors, congestion on the ramp can become pretty hectic. Make sure you always buckle your seat belt when driving. 

Not only because it is policy and procedure but because it just may save your life.  


If the vehicle your driving does not have a functional working seat belt, make sure your follow your companies tag out policy and remove the vehicle from the operation as soon as possible.  


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